Potatoes Could Make You Seriously Sick


6Potatoes Are Dangerous for Your Health

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Debate on the healthiness of potatoes has been around for decades, as some people trust that this widely consumed veggie is laden with beneficial vitamins and minerals, like potassium, magnesium, vitamin B6 and vitamin C.


While others think that it has a high glycemic index that could soar your blood sugar level. Below are the major downsides of potatoes you may not be aware of:
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  1. My wife who is 10 years younger then me was always on my case for being a non vegetable junk food eater. She ate all those healthy food and did everything right. Guess who is taking care of who and has to do everything around the house, yep me at 79 years of age. My thoughts on things was if I had to worry about everything I ate or did might as well jump off a mountain and get it over with. Love my hamburgers and french fries.

  2. I won’t give up potatoes. Everything we eat is going to kill us, it seems. I have cut back on meat to help the environment, but I have seen people die of all sorts of things. If potatoes kill me, at least, I will have enjoyed delicious food while I was alive instead of worrying about everything I eat.

  3. Been eating taters all my life and I will be 77 in less than a week!
    Some fried, some baked or broiled and some mashed with gravy!
    Don’t plan to stop any time soon!

  4. Who does not like fried potatoes?
    ME. I only get those fried taters from 1 place. Sorry, most of America that place is not there. From here in Tucson, I can’t get the sliders-except for grocery store frozen- but I can get the doubler from the place that I enjoy to get my in and out urge. The last place cooks up unfrozen s.o.s. crap.
    If I get a burger elsewhere I refuse them.
    There used to be a French Canadian place here and is history here. I did try it and did not return.
    I have enjoyed sweet potato fries and ask for them at some restaurants and get them frozen sometimes at a grocery store.

  5. There is always a loony or two who will for dramatic writings assail any and all foods as dangerous. Baloney to all of them . AT 80, I love my spuds and though I don’t eat them daily, they are definitely part of my diet. Boo to the grinches ,

  6. To Glenn, Erin , Snoopy and Mike; Amen!!!!! I totally agree, it’s getting ridiculous how we have to worry worry worry before we can eat almost everything. Nope not going to stop eating my taters!!!!!!!!


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