Overdosing on These Foods Could Be Dangerous, According to Nutritionists!


8These Foods Can Be Extremely Risky in Large Doses

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Overindulging in any type of food is always a really bad idea. This habit can harm both your physical and mental wellness. Some people think that it is okay to overindulge in some foods just because they are “healthy”. This is not true and it might even cause you to develop serious health conditions.


This is why we have decided to list the most common foods that people overindulge in, and the consequences that can arise from such behavior. We are absolutely certain that you will be surprised to learn just how harmful it is to overindulge, even when it comes to healthy foods.
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    • If YOU stop eating altogether a loving person will get you into some sort of medical institution and may force-feed you. You may be strapped down. I did live in a very restricted large room and warned other patients to be good or else get strapped down. Showers were supervised. Food was brought in.
      You will die and you may end up in hell as you have committed suicide- Thou shall not kill!
      So no you should not eat many things but many items are much safer.


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