Is Orange Peel Safe to Consume?


4Benefits and Side Effects of Orange Peels

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Most people peel oranges and toss the skin before they eat the fruit, but experts that this is a huge waste of healthy nutrients. Indeed, orange peel contains a variety of health benefits, not the least of which is the protection from several types of cancer.


So, can you really eat orange peels? Discover the answer in the following lines:
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  1. On November 22, 1969, I broke my jaw in 3 places and knocked out 6 1/2 front teeth. I had skipped out on work and they did not fire me. I was a cook ate a buffet restaurant. Their drinks had a small orange slice in their orange drinks. After my jaw was unwired I would chew on those slices. I enjoyed them.
    I do still eat those fruit slices still. Sometimes fruit slices are on the rim of various drinks-iced tea-alcoholic drinks. I do not include the fiber from the seeds in lemon slices. They are lazy- I put in the effort to remove those seeds. I do not eat dirt and keep my mouth open to grow that seeds-young idiot idea.


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