Avoid Putting These Things in Your Freezer


4Potatoes & Eggs:

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Potato discoloration occurs due to oxidation. Therefore, it should not be placed in the freezer. However, mashed potatoes or puree can withstand the subzero temperature of the freezer without being affected, but they should be consumed within six months. Similarly, French fries turn mushy and lose their crisp when put in the freezer, which opposes the principle of frying. The same thing applies to mozzarella sticks and chicken wings.



Eggs are also among the foods you should never put in the freezer, as they expand causing the shell to crack open, not to mention the yolk which becomes sort of gummy.


  1. I live by myself and buy (for instance) a 2-pound bag of frozen corn and will not eat all of the bag’s 10 serving’s content. When opening the bag I cut a corner off and pour out some for some meal and fold over the corner and use a spring-loaded clothespin. Then I can not chase the escaped little kernels around my freezer. Therefore the repacking is avoided and the contents and instructions are still there. So if a recall is issued I still have the best by date is still there. My method avoids other containers.


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