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Onychophagia is the medical term for nail-biting. Many people gnaw at their nails when they are stressed, anxious or simply bored. Quitting this bad habit will cause the following things to happen:


Your Nails Will Look Healthier:

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Let’s be honest about this, the state of your nails can tell whether or not you are a nail biter. Indeed, just a mere look at a person’s nails can give you an idea about the damage their teeth have inflicted. If it looks like a rat has nibbled on their nails, the person is an experience nail biter.

As hard as it seems, quitting nails biting will make your nails look fresh and nice. Plus, you can enjoy having manicures for a long period of time if keep your nails out of your mouth. But this is not the only benefit you’ll reap from quitting this unhealthy habit. Check out the next sections.


You Will Have a More Pleasant Smile:

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It may come as a surprise that your precious pearly whites may suffer damage due to long-term nail biting. As a matter of fact, cracked or chipped teeth may be a red flag sign that you need to quit this habit as soon as possible

On top of that, chronic and compulsive nail biting can take a toll on your tooth enamel, which may result in pain and discomfort each time you consume something hot or cold. That being said, this ugly habit can be quite embarrassing, especially when you shake someone’s hand or while you enjoy a delicious meal.


You Will Not Suffer From Painful Hangnails:

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Ouch! Hangnails! That torn piece of skin can cause an excruciating pain. A good way to avoid the pain is to quit nail biting- works like a charm!

A series of studies reveal that nail biters have a higher chance of developing hangnails. The reason behind this is that nail biting causes your fingertips to dry out, and this dryness brings about annoying hangnails.

More than that, hangnails can become infected and hurt like hell. Coming in contact with contaminated objects or surfaces, and not washing your hands quite often or using a hand sanitizer are likely to exacerbate the infection.


You’re Unlikely to Fall Sick:

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Anyone can fall sick during the cold winter months, but people who bite their nails quite often are more prone to winter ailments. That’s because anything you may touch either indoors or outdoors can harbor bacteria and viruses that can cause upper respiratory tract infection.

But the common cold virus is not the only thing that may wreak havoc on your body. If you bite your nails constantly, a wide variety of microorganisms can make you sick.

Quitting this habit will reduce the incidence and frequency of stomachache and diarrhea. Experts assert that you may even avoid other serious issues, like hepatitis.


You’ll Have a Lower Risk of Poisoning:

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This is for the ladies; if you’re a big fan of manicure and nail art, biting your nails should not be an option. Apart from ruining the beauty of your nails, you may end up ingesting any sort of chemicals your nail polish contains, if you gnaw at your nails. Eventually, these poisonous substances settle inside your body, leading to a potentially life-threatening poisoning.

Following several studies, experts have come to the conclusion that gel nail polishes contain several ingredients that are not safe for human consumption. So, if you love getting your nails done at the salon, you should quit this habit immediately.

Do you bite your nails? Are you willing to give up on this bad habit? Don’t be afraid to share your opinions with us in the comments!



  1. I was a nail biter until my early 40’s. I don’t know what exactly changed, but I woke up one day and decided to quit. The easiest way I found was to get fake nails, and once my nails had grown out, I had them removed and schlack put in place of the fake nails.

    My husband has only known me with nails, and loves my natural nails.

    I say, when you are ready then do what you need to help you quit.

  2. Have bitten my nails since I was 7. Now I’m 61. Have tried to give up but couldn’t .. it’s always been my stress relief.

  3. I have had this bad habit all my life. I am 65. I would LOVE to stop and have tried. I don’t know how to stop. I quit smoking…just bam…one morning I threw it all away. Haven’t looked back. I stopped chocolate (bad for women…like caffeine which I also stopped,…coffee and sodas) But I cannot stop biting my damn nails!! I have longed for long beautiful nails forever. Even my deepest wish for nails isn’t enough to make me quit. Any suggestions for an old lady?

  4. It took me until the age of 44 to stop biting my nails. I chewed them so much all my life and had bad unsightly hang nails, but quit one day out of the blue. I quit using clear nail polish and bit it off. I’m almost 56 and have great looking nails I don’t chew off anymore.

  5. Yes, put some hot pepper juice on them every once in a while when you you feel a biting frenzy coming on. Maybe if you burn your lips a few times you’ll think twice the next time you get the biting feeling approaching.
    Please e-mail me and let me know how you made out.

  6. When I was about five I asked my Mom, a nurse, if bitting your nails caused cancer, I’d heard stories about different diseases and their symptoms from her other nurse friends. She said, “ I wouldn’t be too sure nasty behaviors like nail bitting and cigarette smoking are good for you. I quit that day and never thought about it again 65 years ago.

    Today I’m proud of my fast growing nails.

  7. I’m constantly attacking my nails, either biting them or just picking at them. The one thing I can’t stand is long fingernails. I’ve made it pretty long not biting them, but then all I do is mess with the underside using one nail to pick at the nail bed of a shorter nail. My best method is to keep a nail filer on hand and use that instead of my mouth or other fingernail.

  8. I am almost seventy and bit my nails most of my life. I quit in my fifties. I tried to stop hundreds of times before, using every trick there is, even hypnosis. Nothing worked. Then I had a regular dental appointment where the dentist replaced an old filling I had received as a child. It was a Friday and he was anxious to get home. He left the filling too high and I couldn’t close my molars properly. By Monday when the dentist was back in the office my teeth had shifted and I could close my molars fine but now my incisors don’t meet completely and I can no longer bite my nails. Kind of a drastic way of quitting but I can live with it.

  9. I have been biting my nails for a very long time I’m turning 53 In November. I do not know how to stop. I have stress issues due to my father growing up. I can not stop. I did stop for awhile when I joined the Army back in 87-94. Than i was activated for Desert Shield and Storm and it started up again. Back to the bad habit. I have been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety issues. Any suggestions to help would be great. Thx


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