Things Over-50-Year-Olds Should Never Do


6Avoid These Things After You Turn 50

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Years ago, parents used to be powerful role models kids looked up to. Nowadays, it’s quite the opposite! Fathers try to imitate their teenage sons, in terms of style, slang words and activities. However, these kinds of things are just not pleasing to the eye – and the ear- after a certain age.


Here are things you should probably avoid when you reach your 50s:
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  1. This is the most moronic article I have ever seen. Don’t wear skinny jeans? I’m 60 and wear them all the time. Do you think I care what I look like or what people say. You must be about 25. They are comfortable! Don’t wear T-shirts? LoL. So no expression of ourselves at all? No Ecstasy. Yeah, that is a good one. You have just GOT TO BE kidding me with this. Take a pill and chill. When you reach 50 you will understand that you don’t care what other people say, you want to be comfortable, and you will do and express whatever you like.

  2. While I agree with a few of the things said here, I believe your thinking is outdated, as I and many like me in my neighborhood off 55+ dress as we did many years ago, Mind you I am speaking for the guys. None of us think it is inappropriate and we surely don’t give a damn what the younger folks think about our t-shirts or choice in jeans.

  3. Puleeeeze I am so sick of these stupid articles written by a judging generation who pierce and tatoo every part of their body and think it looks cool…not to mention all the half shaved unicorn hair…which by the way are wearing all of our old retro clothes and styles! Telling us to age gracefully and wear appropriate clothes…Why? because it will embarrass you to see me??? So you can wear your pajamas pants in public but I can’t? haha!

  4. Jenni Henderson
    With the exception of the guy wearing skinny jeans I totally do not agree with you on what people over fifty should do…
    Is it that people under fifty are the only ones allowed to experiment new things? Maybe the elderly should submit to death before fifty so as not to embarrass people like you. Maybe everyone under the age of fifty should stop doing things that should only be done by those above fifty…
    I would not like having you as a grandchild if I had to hear things like that come out of your month about how you don’t approve of the way I dress or act…
    If a person gets to fifty they have paid enough dues to do whatever they want as long as its not putting anyone else in danger… Shame on you Jen…
    let people live out the rest of their lives without the judgement they’ve dealt with their whole lives, freedom is a beautiful thing don’t shame the elderly out of it…
    in case you think you know… i’m 29 years old

  5. This blog post is blatant ageism. Any why should anyone at any age confirm to what you believe–if someone is 80 years old and wants to wear a « cool » t-shirt while they ride a Vespa who cares…

  6. Having a paunch at ANY age-but especially those over 55 when free radical damage continues to degenerate organs-is very unwise. That’s because those layers of fat you see could very likely be hiding dangerous visceral fat that wraps around vital organs to better hit them with proxidants which damage cell mitochondria and thereby hasten cell death.

  7. This is a stupid story!. It doesnt matter how old you are, if you can/want to wear a ‘cool’ t-shirt,, wear it!. Or anything else for that matter. Driving scooters and bikes and such are also something men/people over 50 can use If they want/can do. If you look at all of that in a negative way, that seems to be your problem!!. People over 50 dont have to sit on the porch in Their rocking chairs waiting to die anymore. Shame on you!.

  8. The person who write this article must be en the 20s, thinking her o his generation its better.
    I disagree with everything they said.
    Except for the pilds I’m 54 and wear jeans ride a bike and many more good habits that make me fill in good shape.Be positive and live why not another 54..

  9. Ahh, with regards to the recumbant trike in the photo, those are made for older folks! Have you ever ridden a bike? At a certain age you may no longer be comfortable on two wheels. Next time you are out and about take a good look at that recumbant bike rider. They are almost exclusively retirees.


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