Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Brain


87 Things You Should Know About Your Brain

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The body, with all its organs, and the soul make up the human being. However, probably, the most important organ is the brain, as it is the one that controls all the activities of the other organs, receives the information, and sends commands. We have already watched cartoons where the body is portrayed as a society, and organs are the citizens laboring hard to maintain the order.


In these types of cartoons, the mind has always been portrayed as the boss. It is a very important organ as it is the main one of your nervous system, and the one that establishes communication between your nerves and your body systems. Since this is the case, then we absolutely should be aware of the most important facts about this mysterious, yet vital, organ.

Based on this, we will present some of the most important information about your brain.
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