Shocking Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To The Hospital In the Afternoon


6Going To The Hospital in The Afternoon Is a Bad Idea

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If you experience an afternoon slump that makes you feel fatigued and less productive, you are certainly not the only one.


Here are some surprising reasons to avoid going to the hospital in the afternoon period:
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  1. My next check-up is scheduled for 2:30 PM after requesting an early appointment. I live in Tucson, AZ and it gets hotter in the afternoon. I do not have an automobile. I pretty much have to take a bus.
    I had a periodic eye exam and the doctor told me he was the other eye doctor when I got a laser reattachment to my retina. I caught him not spending enough time washing his hands. I told him and he took enough time that second time.
    This is also at the VA. The main eye doctor was great and the U of A dermatologist (student?) who cut the neck cancer out must be practicing before going public.
    It is a lottery for getting a quality visit at the VA.

  2. Mike ,just move to the Dallas area . Been getting treatment at the Dallas V.A. since 1993 and i could not be any better taken care of. Mike L.


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