Just One Energy Drink Could Trigger Heart Issues, Research Suggests


2What Are the Dangerous Levels?

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The Food Standards Agency confirms that most energy drinks contain 80 mg of caffeine in every 100 ml – that is the equivalent of three cans of Coke and a cup of coffee. Plus, energy drinks feature high amounts of sugar, and are usually marketed in 500 ml cans.


A series of experiments showed that a person’s blood vessels shrunk after 90 minutes of drinking an energy drink. On the other hand, ultrasound measurements revealed that a person’s vessel dilation stood at 5.1 % in diameter prior to the consumption of an energy drink, and narrowed to 2.8 % after drinking it, which signals acute impairment in vascular function, the researchers warn.

It is worth mentioning that participants are in their 20s, nonsmokers and have no previous record of heart issues.


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