Here’s Why You Should Never Eat Eggs Ever Again!


4Eggs Soar Your Cholesterol:

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If you’re wondering about the largest source of cholesterol for Americans, look no further, the answer is “eggs.” By eating one egg you can get the same amount of cholesterol found in a Hardee’s Thickburger. Even though dietary cholesterol slightly affects blood cholesterol levels (approximately increased by 10 per cent), that’s not the essential cause why we must avoid dietary cholesterol.

The problem lies in the oxidative and pro-inflammatory effects of dietary cholesterol on your low-density lipoproteins. With these effects, cardiovascular issues increase and the endothelium – an internal lining in the arteries– gets damaged. According to a recent study, consuming eggs frequently is compared to smoking, in terms of the buildup of plaque in carotid arteries.




  1. I have eaten at least 4 eggs a day for 60 years and at my age of 79 am wondering how much it has shortened my life. Am in good health and no problems doing what I want to do so don’t agree with this.

  2. I have eaten 2 or more eggs a day for more than 70 years and I have fewer problems than most
    people that I know that are 77years old that I know! The worst thing you can do is listen to fools on the internet telling you what to eat!

  3. Blaming high serum cholesterol on eggs is one of many bullshit hypes of the US food industry! The biggest food factor in high serum cholesterol and endothelium damage is high blood sugar caused by eating simple carbohydrates like sugar and white starches which a rapidly converted to blood sugar! Eating cholesterol laden foods have very little effect on serum cholesterol!

  4. I am compelled to comment because my grandmother, Elizabeth Harris ate 2 fried eggs two to three times a day for as long as I knew her and passed away of old age at 104 years. Never had heart or any health problems at all. Do not stop eating eggs over this article, my opinion is, it is hogwash. If you are that concerned about your cholesterol intake, take Vitamin D3, at least 2000 mg/day, (My Doctor, and in several medical journals, Google it up please), 1 shot, slowly, sip it, of white vinegar per day will clear your arteries of plaque. (Dr. Oz Show). Exercise for at least one hour a day, drink plenty of water, water, water, per day. A big, Washington-like or another red apple for lunch will help curb cholesterol and help you reduce your weight then a sensible dinner do not overeat, just regular-sized portions eat earlier in the evening if you feel like you are starving before dinner time. If you get hungry before bed, have another apple. Hopefully, this information can help people.


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