Health Professionals Warn about Drinking Water in a Standing Position


4Stop Drinking Water While Standing

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If you have the bad habit of drinking water while standing, this article is for you! Water does not only keep your body hydrated, but also prevents a multitude of illnesses.


However, drinking water while standing is bad for your health, Dr. Prabhat Ranjan Sinha, a Consultant in Internal Medicine, confirms.

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  1. Completely absurd. There is no « filter » between the mouth and the stomach, only a valve to keep the stomach acid from pouring into our mouth.standing up does not affect the function of this valve, and actually helps it. Also, what fills the gallbladder is bile produced by the liver, not « impurities in the water ». If you drink impure water it will affect you no matter what position you are while drinking. Drinking while standing has no effect on nutrient absorption, kidney or heart. The « experts » cited on this article seem to be only one… And he makes me wonder where in Earth did he go to medical school since he seems to know nothing about anatomy and physiology. The writer also seems to be someone without sufficient knowledge to discern between good or bad medical information.

  2. I agree… I wondered what filter there was between the mouth and stomach… in all of the medical texts I have read, I have never heard of a filter. I do know however that drinking water too fast or a huge quantity can make your stomach expand leading to a stomachache..
    Gall bladder produces bile and doesn’t fill with water…water does a lot of great things for the body but whether it’s bottled or tap… water is good.


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