Face Touching: The Terrible Mistake that Can Increase Your Risk of a Coronavirus Infection!


7Keeping Your Hands away from Your Face Can Save You From Coronavirus!

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We’ve all developed the habit of touching our faces (and other body parts) without being aware of it. However, with the outbreak of coronavirus, we need to control our hands to avoid serious health risks. Nose picking has always been considered disgusting. Today, face touching can be more dangerous than ever before. Simple actions like eye rubbing, mouth touching and nose scratching can lead to disasters. The virus can easily travel from a contaminated finger to the human body through a wet part of the face, like the eye or nostril. As soon as the virus gets to a cell in the sinuses, nose or throat, it will destroy it and spread inside the body, creating a myriad of copies of itself.





  1. The way to avoid contracting the Corona Virus is to simply use common sense, I don’t want to be told what to do, I want to be told what is being done to combat this disease! We defeated Polio and Smallpox and we can defeat this! It isn’t a matter of if but when we defeat this disease, the Chinese must punished, a free nation has no business doing business with communists!

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