Face Touching: The Terrible Mistake that Can Increase Your Risk of a Coronavirus Infection!


6Face Touching Is Part of Human Nature

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An innocent touch from a contaminated finger can lead to serious consequences, destroying the kidneys and lungs. In extreme cases, the virus might even trigger multiple organ failure, and septic shock, which makes it impossible for patients to breathe without special equipment. But most of the times, face touching is spontaneous, which means that your personal habits can increase your risk of infection. In a recent study, medical students were caught touching their faces in class about 23 times per hour. According to infectious diseases expert, Dr. Otto Yang, people have a natural instinct to touch their faces. Moreover, constant face touching is associated with negative feelings, experienced when a person isn’t satisfied or couldn’t achieve a certain goal, an article published in PLoS One suggests.




  1. The way to avoid contracting the Corona Virus is to simply use common sense, I don’t want to be told what to do, I want to be told what is being done to combat this disease! We defeated Polio and Smallpox and we can defeat this! It isn’t a matter of if but when we defeat this disease, the Chinese must punished, a free nation has no business doing business with communists!

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