Excessive Calcium Intake Damages Your Health


5Why is Too Much Calcium Bad for You?

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As with almost everything in the world, too much of anything does more harm than good. So, consuming an excessive amount of calcium does not benefit your teeth and bone health. On the contrary, it elevates the calcium levels in your blood, and hence, soars your chances of contracting several diseases.


Bear in mind that you can develop a high calcium level even when your calcium intake is low. Hypercalcemia, marked by a higher-than normal amount of calcium in the blood, can stem from overactive parathyroid glands, cancer, as well as the use of some medications. Read on to discover four ways too much calcium damages your health:


  1. Did any of these studies also check magnesium and Vitamin D intake which is necessary to get calcium from the blood into the bones and tussles where it is needed? The whole picture needs to be studied and then completely reported!!!!!


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