Eat Olives Every Day and Watch What Happens to Your Body


6Five Science-Backed Benefits of Olives You Never Knew Before

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Olives… Those oval-shaped, black or green fruits are an essential addition to many dishes. Packed with amazing health benefits, olives originated in the Mediterranean, Asia, and Africa.


Here are some healthy reasons to eat olives every day:
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  1. How many olives should you eat each day and which are the best? Are pickled, canned or in oil better? How much olive oil?

  2. I drink a shot of olive oil everyday. When I was a kid I used to eat a jar/can of olives while watching tv. I’m now almost 75 and still work everyday. My Great Grandmother (on my father’s side) owned vineyards and olive groves in Italy. I believe oils are in my DNA.

  3. No, I don’t eat olives every day and did not realize that they were as healthy for you until I read your article. I definitely will start eating them more often. Thank you for the information.

  4. My dad ate olives every day for years and died of 3 different cancers. I also have eaten olives everyday for years and have had the reverse effects of every benefit listed here.

  5. Yes, I do eat olives every day and cook with olive oil. People do not believe that I am 66 years old. My doctors are amazed at my improvement in health. Lower LDL. Lower blood pressure.

  6. I’m Italian and love-love Olives. My skin and face at 72 looks like 62. I eat olives in salads, antipasto, pesto, macaroni and wherever I can find a place for them. Thank you for your information. Very interesting, informative and helpful. I will forward your information to friends and family.


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