Beware of BPA-Free Plastic!


2BPA-Free Plastic is Not as Safe as You May Think

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If you feel secure whenever you see BPA-Free tags on plastic bottles, this article has some bad news for you!

New research revealed that BPA free alternatives are not necessarily safe; when the mice were exposed to BPA substitutes, they displayed a huge drop in sperm levels, along with abnormal eggs, according to a study conducted on September 13th and published in the Journal of Current Biology.

In principle, BPA (short for Bisphenol A) is a chemical compound which has been largely used for food and beverage packaging since 1960. The US Food and Drug Administration asserted that it can be transmitted from containers to the contained foods and drinks.

The National Health and Examination Survey of 2003-2004, carried out by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, managed to detect a great deal of BPA chemical in 93% of approximately 2500 urine samples in the U.S.


According to a Live Science report, experts are not fully cognizant of the way BPA functions, in spite of the rising concerns regarding its impact on human health. Moreover, they are not sure when BPA attains dangerous levels and becomes risky. However, the FDA confirms that its current level is safe to consume.

Furthermore, Live Science reported that BPA compound hinders the hormone estrogen and is likely to disturb the hormonal system and cause a state of disarray. In this framework, Phytates, or phytic acid clings to minerals such as zinc, calcium, iron and other nutrients and impedes their absorption by the body.

At present, the food drug administration prohibits the use of BPA chemical in baby cup and bottle packaging solely. As a result, BPA free plastic alternatives started to emerge and invade the market. Senior author Patricia Hunt, a professor in the School of Molecular Biosciences at Washington State University clearly stated that there is circumstantial evidence that plenty of the currently available alternatives are not safe.
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