Are Eggs Really Bad for Your Heart?


2Important Findings:

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Statistically speaking, an average American adult consumes 280 eggs per year- that’s almost 5-1/2 eggs per week, which is a heck of a lot.

In a new study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, researchers analyzed the eating patterns and heart health of 29,615 adult participants. The results? Eating eggs definitely has an influence on the heart health, as well as the risk of death from heart disease.

According to the same study, consuming 3 or more eggs every weak soars your chances of developing heart disease, and premature death. Whereas eating 2 eggs on a daily basis is sufficient to increase the risk of heart disease by 27%, along with the risk of all cause death.

Since the average breakfast people in North America and around the globe consume contains eggs, these results are not merely staggering, but also damaging to the health.




  1. The truth the study shows a link between high cholesterol and CVD. It mentions US diets high in cholesterol and eggs. Well let’s take a look at other high cholesterol foods like potato chips, processed meats, vegetable oils, and many baked goods are just a few.

    • Sorry Ted, but you should check your facts before giving an opinion. Potato chips and vegetable oils have ZERO cholesterol. All cholesterol comes from animal products (meat, dairy, eggs, fish, etc.). And, even if you purchase organic, pasture raised, grass fed, whatever… the animal derived product still has the same amounts of cholesterol.

  2. Gonna die of something! I LOVE EGGS !! Try free range chicken eggs from non-antibiotic raised hens If all ya do is follow some « experts » words you’ll end up dying of « something » and wonder WHY?..

  3. Sorry, not buying it. For one thing, are we talking eggs from farms with steroids and GMO grains?
    I believe Free range NATURAL eggs are in fact good for you,
    As a Paleo/Primal advocate, this diet has made me feel better, sleep better and helped my exercise program, eating about 2 or 3 eggs a day. But again, ONLY from known sources of free range NATURALLY fed chickens.
    My ‘bad’ cholesterol level is very low, and my ‘good’ level is right where it should be.
    And at age 59, my heart health is excellent according to my Doctor.
    So, if true, either I’m an exception to the rule, or the big difference is what is IN the eggs.
    After all, if WE « are what we eat », then wouldn’t that apply to the chicken too??

  4. Actually, cholesterol in an of itself is not bad as it is an important part of our biology:
    Important points:
    Cholesterol is subject to oxidation, if oxidized, then this becomes an irritant when consumed – to avoid, don’t eat scrambled eggs.
    Avoid vegetable oils high in Omega6, these cause blood vessels to get irritated, cholesterol is then used to try to repair the irritated vessels. Best oils are avacodo and olive (organic)
    Please read books by Dr. Perlmutter as he debunks many myths surround cholesterol

  5. I eat at least 4 eggs a day as love eggs over any other food and have most of my life and if this was true how did I make it to 79 years old and in better health then 95% of the people my age. Decided years ago if had to worry about everything I do and eat might as well jump off a mountain top and get it over with.

  6. Hi Jennifer,

    Thank you for the informative and unbiased article. I only have one comment that caught my attention. You mentioned in this article that our bodies require dietary cholesterol to function. Where did you get this information from? As you are probably aware, our bodies produce their own cholesterol without the need of any additional dietary cholesterol. The American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, the largest organization of food and nutrition professionals, have a clear stance in that « our bodies need some cholesterol to function normally and can make all the cholesterol they need ».


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