8 Signs You Should Look For Another Doctor


10Your Health Might Depend On It

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Most people learn that they should listen to what their doctor tells them. In some cases that might not be the best advice. Your health and well-being are extremely important to you and your family. It is for this reason that you should always keep a critical mind when dealing with certain doctors.


If you sense that you are being mistreated or neglected by your doctor, it is important to speak up. In some cases, it is even better to change your doctor and look for a better one. In this article, we present you with signs your doctor might be doing you more harm than good.

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  1. i.’d like to know where mrmitchum paul got his informationregarding the 8 signs you should look for another doctor with references.i’ve never known of a doctor getting incentives from a pharmaceutical company for prescribing for a particular medication., the legal implications for the pharmaceutical company,way out weigt the miniscule return from getting a few more prescriptions for their medication.

  2. Than k u for your article. This article was vey beneficial and informative. I had issues getting along with my family physician and it is time to move on with another physician. Also i have three of 5 signs that kidny might have issues. Thank u for feed back i will stay in touch.

  3. What if I’m a veteran and I don’t feel comfortable with my primary care physician but he is the only one they will assign me to. This is at the local VA Outpatient Clinic.


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