The Shape of Your Fingers Reveals Everything about Your Personality Traits


    4A: the Ring Finger Is Longer Than the Index Finger:

    © avuelapluma

    Take a look at your hands for a moment. If you notice that your ring finger is longer than your index finger, we have some good news for you. Men with this kind of hand are handsome. More often than not, they have a charming personality and can get along with almost anyone.


    However, they tend to be a little more aggressive and reckless. They love to take risks and embark on thrilling adventures. On top of that, people with this kind of hand tend to make more money than their counterparts with shorter ring fingers. Let us know if you have this type of finger!


    1. Lots more personal traits and behaviors are revealed by analysis of hand designs and shapes. Further in depth articles would be of compelling interest and contemplation by an observant collection of your readers. Shapes and manipulation of thumbs are especially of interest in determining character content and behavior.

    2. I am an A finger receiver more pronounced on my right hand.
      For what is worth, Roger Cook has it also on his right hand. It has never been explained but I suspect his right hand’s ring finger in the way of some tool. He is/was the landscaping contracting owner on the U.S.’s This Old House’s home improvement TV series.


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