Here's Why You Should Consume 2 Eggs Per Day

Here’s Why You Should Consume 2 Eggs Per Day

Benefits of Eggs You Never Knew before © keckmedicine Eggs are either healthy or unhealthy, depending on the person you ask. Actually, this chicken product has been the center of much controversy. On the one hand,...
Five Body Parts You Should Not Lay Your Hands on

Stop Touching These Body Parts with Your Hands

Laying Your Hands on These Body Parts Is a Bad Idea © health No matter how much you wash your hands, or use a hand sanitizer, they will always be teeming with germs and bacteria. These...
How to Tell If You Are Deficient in Vitamin D?

Five Signs Your Body Desperately Needs more Vitamin D

If You Display These Signs, Your Vitamin D Level Is Dangerously Low © express One billion people around the globe suffer from vitamin D deficiency. A 2011 study reports that 41.6% of American adults have low...
Signs and Symptoms of an Imminent Heart Attack

Six Telltale Signs of an Impending Heart Attack

This Is What Happens to Your Body One Month Before a Heart Attack © medicalnewstoday Over one million U.S adults succumb to heart attacks on a yearly basis. Ultimately, heart attack - medically referred to as...
Sleeping in a Cold Room Boosts Your Sleep Quality

Sleeping in a Cold Room Boosts Your Sleep Quality

Enjoy a Good Night's Sleep with This Amazing Trick © medicalnewstoday High quality sleep confers a wide variety of health benefits on your mind and body alike. While the vast majority of people neglect the temperature...
Are Your Kidneys Functioning Properly?

Beware of These Silent Signs of Kidney Issues

Are Your Kidneys Functioning Properly? © express Your kidneys perform essential bodily functions; they flush out toxins from the blood, balance your blood pressure, and produce hormones that can make sure you have enough red blood...
Your Sleep Position Reveals Many Secrets about Your Personality

Your Sleep Position Reveals Many Secrets about Your Personality

The Way You Sleep Says Everything about You © freepik Body language can help us understand the personality of individuals we are dealing with. Likewise, your sleeping position can hide much about your personality. ADVERTISEMENT: ...

You Should Definitely Try This Onion Trick Tonight

Here's Why You Should Put Onion in Your Sock before You Sleep © freepik Okay, you probably hate onions because they make you cry every time you touch them. But this veggie is packed with amazing...

Over 50-Year-Olds Should Steer Clear of These Exercises

Workouts You Must Avoid After You Hit Your 50s © medicalnewstoday It is common knowledge that exercise intensity varies according to your age. Therefore, you should choose the type of exercise that matches your current stamina...
This Practice Is Secretly Damaging Your Ear

Here’s Why You Should Stop Cleaning Your Ears with Q-Tips!

This Practice Is Secretly Damaging Your Ear © oticon (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, inserting cotton swabs into your ear canal can cause dangerous ear...

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