Surprising Benefits of Banana Peels


7Did You Know a Banana Peel Can Offer All These Benefits?

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Bananas are a nutritional powerhouse that contains a generous amount of protein, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese, magnesium, folate, riboflavin, niacin, and iron. Besides, they are so easy to add to your diet, either in a bowl of cereals, a fruit salad or even ice cream- and they taste like heaven!

But today, we will not talk about the super fruit, but rather its peel. While the vast majority of people trash it, banana peel is perfectly edible and highly beneficial. Read on to know why you should never throw away banana peels:





  1. Have extreme migraines from an accident in the military. DONT want to take any chemicals (pills-but they help???) the VA pharmacy sends me. Please help!!!

    Thank you:
    Bob Fogel
    US Army Retired

    • Try looking into essential oils. Lavender and peppermint can help with headaches. Acupuncture and or cupping therapy may also alleviate symptoms.

    • Chiropractor who is trained in NRCT treatments that involved the neck and central nervous system. You can also add malic acid to your diet, this helps with any type of chronic pain.

    • Go see a chiropractor that is trained in NRCT treatments or pain center that can give this treatment. It helps relieve pressure on the central nervous system and is done in the head and neck area behind the ears. You can also add malic acid supplements to your diet, that relieves any type of chronic pain. I buy it in bulk for less than $12 a pound and make a lemonade with it using 1/8 tsp.


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