Weird Things Your Eye Boogers Say About Your Health


6Your Eye Boogers Could Mean Something More Serious

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Eye discharge is a perfectly normal thing. But any change in color, consistency, or quantity could be a reason to sound the alarm.


Here are five things your eye boogers say about your health:

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  1. I used to get some cracking skin at the outer edge of my eyelids. I was advised by a real medical professional to wash the area more. I picked up a real genuine bottle of Johnson & Johnson’s baby shampoo. They have printed on the container « as gentle to eyes pure water ». I trusted it and did put it in my eyes and thought I was blind. I did have a small bucket and rinsed that JUNK from my eyes. I had been on the floor outside of my bathtub. I wrote them an email and got no reply. I bought it any more no more.

  2. Just saw briefly a woman itching
    Which is what I have except it’s on my upper body. I’ve asked my Dr. To change my diuretic to what I’ve been but she knows better. I have to take a Benedryl to ease & rid the itching.
    How do I find a new Dr. Nowone wants to refer.


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