Warning Signs of An Impending Heart Attack


6Shortness of Breath:

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Statistically speaking, 40% of heart attack cases present with shortness of breath- also known as dyspnea. Basically, asthma, and other lung and heart conditions can be the culprit of this inability to inhale a deep breath. But it can also be a red flag sign that a heart attack is looming on the horizon.

Both men and women can experience shortness of breath up to 6 months prior to actually having a heart attack.

Whether it’s due to an imminent heart attack or another medical condition, this symptom should not go unnoticed and requires medical assistance. So, when you can’t breathe properly, you feel dizzy and short of breath, consult your doctor.




  1. One year prior to my Widow Maker heart attack, I had severe tiredness and lack of energy. I also developed the horizontal ear crease and knew it was a major indicator. Kept on eye on my BP and it was mostly normal 110/65. My weight was 170 Lbs at 5′-10″. I had on and off aches in my left side chest (not over the heart). Sadly, I had a torn ligament there that always bothered me so now wasn’t sure the source of the ache. One Sunday I was driving around and felt a very strong pain in that chest area followed by uncontrolled salivation like a water faucet. I was only 1-1/2 miles from the ER so I drove and by then my BP was 270/225. They said didn’t think it was serious and i asked to be kept in over night, so they did. Had a 9:30 AM treadmill stress test scheduled the next day and that’s is when my heart attack hit hard. They found one artery completely block and put a stent in up through my right wrist. The pain stopped almost instantly. Now it’s been 5 years and my cholesterol that was 365 is now 133 and got to 97 where I started to hallucinate. The key is to take 3000 MG of Omega-3 (not just fish oil) with the Statin. It caused the real drop in the numbers. In the last year I passed a Stress EKG, a Stress Nuc Test, a Stress Echo, and a Non-stress Echo. I still have good and bad days where I feel tired.


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