Warning Signs of An Impending Heart Attack


7One Month Before a Heart Attack, Your Body Sends These Signals!

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Over one million U.S adults succumb to heart attacks on a yearly basis. Ultimately, heart attack – medically referred to as myocardial infarction (MI) – is marked by a permanent damage in the heart, due to the lack of blood supply to the heart tissue, which makes it starve to death.

A month prior to a heart attack, your body warns you through several signals. Here are the symptoms you need to watch for:





  1. One year prior to my Widow Maker heart attack, I had severe tiredness and lack of energy. I also developed the horizontal ear crease and knew it was a major indicator. Kept on eye on my BP and it was mostly normal 110/65. My weight was 170 Lbs at 5′-10″. I had on and off aches in my left side chest (not over the heart). Sadly, I had a torn ligament there that always bothered me so now wasn’t sure the source of the ache. One Sunday I was driving around and felt a very strong pain in that chest area followed by uncontrolled salivation like a water faucet. I was only 1-1/2 miles from the ER so I drove and by then my BP was 270/225. They said didn’t think it was serious and i asked to be kept in over night, so they did. Had a 9:30 AM treadmill stress test scheduled the next day and that’s is when my heart attack hit hard. They found one artery completely block and put a stent in up through my right wrist. The pain stopped almost instantly. Now it’s been 5 years and my cholesterol that was 365 is now 133 and got to 97 where I started to hallucinate. The key is to take 3000 MG of Omega-3 (not just fish oil) with the Statin. It caused the real drop in the numbers. In the last year I passed a Stress EKG, a Stress Nuc Test, a Stress Echo, and a Non-stress Echo. I still have good and bad days where I feel tired.


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