This is Why You Should Never Cross Your Legs


3Surprising Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sit With One Knee Crossed Over the Other

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Crossing legs while sitting is a common practice among women and men alike. Actually, women in particular, unconsciously adopt this posture when they sit, since it is associated with a high dose or femininity and elegance. However, the vast majority of people ignore the serious impact this pose has on their body and health. Read on to know how this posture affects your health.





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    You start reading the article (that I’m interested in)about crossing your legs,& the potential health risks(blood pressure, spider veins, etc.)& get diverted to… What your hands or face say about your health, or a ketone diet, etc.
    So I would like an undo vetted copy of the article about crossing your legs leading to blood pressure spider veins, and other possible complications.
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