Stop Touching These Body Parts with Your Hands


6Laying Your Hands on These Body Parts Is a Bad Idea

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No matter how much you wash your hands, or use a hand sanitizer, they will always be teeming with germs and bacteria. These microorganisms may spread and contaminate other parts of your body, leading to infections and diseases.

Moreover, they can be transferred to other people you come in contact with. These unhealthy practices can harm your health- and that of others!





  1. Of course I’m guilty of touching all of my head parts without always first washing my hands. I’ve been doing so for 44 years, and to my knowledge I haven’t fallen ill because of it. I’m a pretty healthy individual, sickness wise. I don’t often get colds or flus or other issues from bacteria and viruses. Of course after I have touched my ears, nose, or mouth, I generally wash up; and after I use the restroom, I always wash my hands, as to not contaminate anyone else with my bacteria and germs. The level of paranoia that this article will cause for people with hypochondria, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other mental illnesses is going to be extremely high. I guess we will see more people wearing some type of gloves or obsessively using hand sanitizer more often then we already do. I bet at least 50+ new instances of issues will result from this article. Enough said I guess.

  2. I agree with Ron and and Morgan, neurosis and disconnect with nature, ridiculous! I believe nature has taken care of most body issues, by being extreme about things one does not build immunity. Wash your hands after using them and don’t drive yourself crazy with paranoid thoughts.


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