Sleeping With An Onion in Your Sock Could Cure Your Illnesses!


4Try This Amazing Trick, Your Health Will Thank You For It!

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Okay, you probably hate onions because they make you cry every time you touch them. But this veggie is packed with amazing virtues that help improve your health and wellbeing. Therefore, you should definitely include it in your daily diet. But did you know you can use onions for other purposes? Putting an onion on your foot before sleep can cure common ailments!





  1. I remember my father telling me that as a child when he had a cold his mother used to put sliced onions in his wool socks before bedtime.

  2. Every year during flu season I sit an onion suspended in a cup in my kitchen window. The onion absorbs the flu virus and removes it from your home.

    Does it work? I have not had flu in over 15 years.

  3. I can attest that it does work. I remember as a little boy my mom would put an onion in my sock to bring down a fever. It worked every time. Just recently (last year) my son was in the hospital in ICU and they kept giving him Tylenol to reduce his fever. The fever would not relent. I remembered what was done to me as a boy and asked the nurse if the next day I could bring an onion and put on the bottom of his feet. The nurse in turn asked the doctor if it was alright. Permission was given to me to do so just to « appease » me. I brought the onion and applied it to the bottom of his foot. Sure enough within a couple of hours the fever was gone. Sometimes those old home remedies are just the best for medical illness and injury.


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