Health Issues Associated With Vitamin D Deficiency


6Facts About Vitamin D:

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It may come as a surprise that vitamin D is not a real vitamin. As a matter of fact, vitamin D is rather a micronutrient that the body processes and uses to fulfill several essential functions. It is a prohormone, which the body turns into a hormone.

In principle, your body derives this vitamin from the sunlight, particularly UV-B radiation. When your skin absorbs sun rays, they respond to certain chemicals, namely 7 –dehydrocholesterol, to produce vitamin D. Bear in mind that a 15 minute exposure to direct sunlight is more than enough to secure the daily required amount of this vitamin.




  1. Being a Clinical Pharmacist, and have worked on the dementia floor in a nursing home, I was tasked with the Medication Management of around 30-40 patients. I had a goal of reducing meds intake, 6 or less meds per patient. I was given free reign by house physicians ( that monitored the patients, per review of charts nightly). After reviewing frequent blood draws and observation physically , I would adjust dosages, or delete meds accordingly, especially atypical psychotics and sedatives needed for aggressive patients. I ordered Vitamin D for EVERY patient present. Progress was seen in different areas within days. Alertness, interest in participation, strength , better gait , pain lessened, and less aggression, and quality of life was seen variably seen in almost ALL the patients present . Vit D was considered a wonder drug by the care givers.


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