Amazing Benefits of Sleeping With Your Socks On


    5Here’s Why You Should Never Sleep Without Your Socks

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    Having enough sleep is crucial for the body and brain’s optimal function. According to the National Sleep Foundation, wearing socks at night improves the quality of your sleep and confers several health benefits.

    Keeping your feet warm may dilate blood vessels, which increases blood flow and results in restful night’s sleep.





    1. One sock does not fit all. If you are having problems sleeping, wearing socks is not going to solve it, it is a sign of a deeper problem or problems. Ask anyone who has insomnia if wearing socks makes any difference.

    2. I never did before this past year and I’m 65. My wife always did. One day when I was freezing from working out late and finally got into bed, she put a pair of ankle high « sockies » as she termed them, on my feet. I balked, said it was for sissy’s. I finally admitted to hear they worked great and I slept great. Lately my sleep patterns have been horrible, not sleeping but 2-3 hrs. I will try the socks again for the sleep potential as your article indicated. Interesting read, thank you!

    3. WOW! Great report. I bet wearing socks will help the body better repair itself, one reason why sleep is so critical to decelerate aging. AND wearing socks may also prevent those excruciating leg cramps
      which sometimes wakes me from a deep sleep. Thanks!

    4. I developed fungus on my two big toe nails.
      My doctor cut off both dead nails with a tool, issued me a cream and told me to take off my socks when I’m at home to let my toe nails breathe and to not sleep with socks on at night. Both nails are growing back without the fungus.

    5. I discovered this years ago. My feet are generally cold when I go to bed and that does not induce falling asleep. Cold or not, I always leave my socks on!

    6. I never wear socks unless my feet get cold or I’ putting shoes on to leave the house. In fact I always have my feet out from under the covers because I get too hot.

    7. I need to wear socks when I go to bed my feet are usually cold then I can’t sleep. So I’ve been for years but I must take them off at night because I find them thrown on the floor in the morning.


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